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Welcome to stephanrietiker.ch – my new website

Digitalization in the healthcare sector has been on my professional radar for many years. Having been raised in the U.S. and Switzerland, I went to medical school in Zurich – in the heart of Europe. The curriculum at that time was very traditional. Although technology was very useful in our day-to-day work as physicians, it was not yet the driving force in diagnosing or treating diseases. Instead, physical examination and an in-depth medical history played a key role.

That’s a matter of the past. The world of medicine looks completely different today. The technical or digital advancements in medicine seen in recent years have been huge. Digital health has become a driving force of progress in medicine, particularly in the U.S. Today’s technical possibilities are not only changing medicine or healthcare as a whole, our entire lives are in fact being transformed. We are becoming more conscious of our own health. We know more about ourselves, can be treated better and more efficiently and, perhaps most importantly, will have a higher quality of life over a longer period of time.

My new website is primarily dedicated to digital health. Working as LifeWatch’s CEO in the U.S. has enabled me to become an expert in digital health over the past years. I wish to share this expertise with you on the Internet along with my original know-how as a physician. I am therefore delighted to welcome you to this website.

Dr. Stephan Rietiker, MD
Digital health expert / entrepreneur