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What the “Democratization” of Medicine will mean

Eric Topol, doctor, futurologist and US-based digital health specialist

I met Eric at a digital health congress in San Diego a couple of years ago. He’s an outstanding physician with an incredible feel for the digital revolution that we’re currently seeing in the medical field. His books, such as The Patient Will See You, are not just a wonderful read, but give us a vivid picture today of tomorrow’s healthcare world. Eric is way ahead of his time – even in the USA, where digital health has already made rapid and major inroads into many people’s lives.

In Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe, we’re still incredulous at Eric’s views. We’re way behind right now in digital health terms. And if we don’t finally start taking it more seriously, we’ll be in for a massive technological and sociopolitical shock. Many companies – especially innovative US-based tech corporations – are busy securing the markets for themselves. Yet Switzerland in particular, with its high education levels and its technological expertise, is predestined to play a pioneering role for Europe in the field.

As always, please read (about) Eric for yourself. He certainly has something to say!

Article of Eric Topol: What the “Democratization” of Medicin will mean

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